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A Breast lift can be used if you have a loss of skin elasticity resulting from weight loss, pregnancy and breast-feeding. Breast lifts can be used to raise and firm the breasts that give them a more youthful appearance. Your new breast shape should remain fairly constant unless you gain or lose a significant amount of weight. Gravity and the effects of aging will eventually alter the size and shape of your breasts.

You may be a good candidate for a breast lift if you have breasts that are pendulous, but the size is good, breasts that are not firm or nipples or areolas that point downward. These traits can be inherited or your breasts may have developed differently. Large and heavy breasts can be lifted, but the results may not last as long as when done on smaller breasts. A breast lift can be performed at any age.

Breast lifts will usually involve three incisions. One around the areola, another running vertically from the bottom edge of the areola to the crease underneath the breast and the third is horizontal beneath the breast and follows the natural curve of the breast crease. The excess skin will be removed and the nipple and areola are shifted up. The areola can be reduced in size.

As with any surgery, there are risks, but you can lessen some of these risks by following the advice and instruction of your plastic surgeon. You may have bleeding, infection and reactions to anesthesia. The breasts may not be perfectly symmetrical and adjustments can be made at a later time. Rarely, permanent loss of sensation in the nipples and areas of the breast can happen.

After breast lift surgery, you may have small drain tubes to avoid accumulation of fluids. You may also have gauze or other dressings placed on your breasts and covered with an elastic bandage or surgical bra. You can usually go home after a few hours and are encouraged to only get out of bed for short periods of time the day after surgery. If there are any surgical drains, they will be removed within a few days of surgery. You may have swelling and discoloration for a few weeks. Stitches will be removed in stages over this time period. It can take months or even a more than a year for sensation of the breasts to return to normal.

You can usually return to work within a week or so. Mild exercise can usually be resumed after several weeks. You may experience some mild, periodic discomfort. Sexual activity should be avoided for at least one to two weeks.

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